Question: Has the company undertaken any other initiatives on, for instance, clean technology, energy efficiency, renewable energy?
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Page 22 "Enhancing material efficiency, process/equipment productivity backed by pollution prevention practices and adoption of cleaner technologies for brownfield projects."

Page 44 "Gas Treatment Center (GTC) with dry scrubbing system installed in Pot line for recycling of fluoride and venting out cleaning air through the stack having 100 m height. Mechanized road sweeping machine deployed for cleaning of all internal roads to minimize fugitive dust emission from roads. New Dross cooling chamber build at Cast house plant 2 in order to provide clean atmosphere inside the plant."

Page 48 "A Sludge drying bed is planned for storing the slurry during the time of cleaning in the casting plant and extrusion. "

Page 50 "100% GTC and FTC filter bags are recycled for energy efficiency"

Page 41 Steps Taken towards Conservation of Energy lists out more initiatives adopted by Hindalco.

"We have dedicated Energy Cells with Energy Manager / Energy Auditor Certified by “Bureau of Energy Efficiency” that ensure planning and implementing energy conservation initiatives, tracking latest technological developments in the field of energy conservation and exploring Renewable, Eco-friendly Green sources of energy. "

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