Import Answers

If you have a large dataset that is already structured, you can directly import the answers onto Wikirate.

Wikirate has an import tool to help users bulk-import structured information. 

Note: Importing large amounts of data can considerably modify our data sets. For this reason, the WikiRate team needs to supervise the import process.

If you wish to upload data to WikiRate, please contact us, and our team will guide you through it.


Tips for advanced users

Your import file

If you are an experienced Wikirate user and have data to import onto the platform, make sure you follow these indications while building your import file.

  • The columns in the data set must follow this structure: 

    • Metric*, Company*, Year*, Values*, Source*, Unpublished, Comment, Headquarters

*Mandatory fields

    • Add all columns titles to your file. Also, if your file does not contain information on the non-mandatory fields.

  • Make sure all Metrics already exist in Wikirate. 

    • If you wish to import in a new metric, make sure that you have created the metric before proceeding to the bulk import.

  • Make sure that no special characters are included in your file (no asterisk *, no plus signs +, no slashes \, etc.).

  • Split your file into smaller ones containing 50, 100, or 200 answers per file. 

  • The file should be in a CSV (comma-separated) format.

During the import process

  • Triple check you are not creating duplicate companies.

    To do this, make sure the companies the answer refers to have been mapped correctly (the company is not an entity with a similar name). 

    • When in doubt: Make sure the names are very similar and that the headquarters match. If the address is available, make sure the address is the same.

  • Save your mappings every so often. In this way, you will save your work in case you mistakenly leave the page.
  • Keep an eye on import failures. You may need to retry the import again or fix something in your import sheet.

Got questions? Need support? Get in touch with us at info[at]