Question: Of the total number grievances about human rights impacts filed, how many were resolved during the reporting period?
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No grievances were found

MARIA JOSE FUNES.....2021-11-02 18:24:43 UTC

pg. 73

"BBVA has 14 whistleblower channels accessible to employees in all its main countries, which can be accessed through email and most of them also by telephone. BBVA has a corporate whistleblowing channel to which all employees in the jurisdictions where the Group is present have direct access. In 2020, 1,417 complaints were received in the Group, whose main aspects reported relate to the categories of conduct with colleagues (49.8%), and conduct with the company (34.1%). Approximately 42% of reports processed during the year ended with disciplinary action being taken."

pg. 125

"BBVA has not identified any significant complaints and impacts with respect to human rights in its workplaces."

Singh Anjali.....2022-01-20 13:42:00 UTC