2017 | Hindalco Industries Limited | Environmental Screening of New suppliers, GRI 308-1 (formerly G4-EN32)
What percentage of new suppliers were screened using environmental criteria?
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Numerical value not given

"In order to ensure a sustainable value chain, we work very closely with our vendors and suppliers on multiple levels. Expectations are set through a supplier code of conduct inclucing Human Right issues like child labour and ensuring fair and transparent business practices5. We also encourage our suppliers to develop their environment and social management systems. All new suppliers are required to submit evidence for compliance with applicable regulations, including environment, safety, labour and human rights practices. During the reporting period, no penalties / or terminations were placed on any supplier for violation of labour practices or any negative impact on environment or society. Due to our policies and regular engagement, we have been able to strengthen out supply chain over the years."

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"We are in the process of developing a formal tracking mechanism to capture the environmental, social and economic impact of our value chain. This will also include a grievance redressal mechanism.


During the reporting cycle, no changes were carried out in structure of supply chain, relationship with suppliers (termination and selection), including selection & termination." p. 36

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