Question: What score did the company achieve for this indicator in the Fashion Transparency Index 2021?
Fashion Revolution
Carolina Herrera
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Scored Option Value
circle Name of supplier (e.g. parent company) (2021 only) 1.428571429
circle Name of Supplier (e.g. facility or farm) 1.428571429
circle Address 1.428571429
circle Type of raw material products or services 0.9523809524
circle Approximate number of workers 0.9523809524
circle Sex-disaggregated breakdown of workers 0.4761904762
circle % or number of migrant or contract workers 0.4761904762
circle List is publicly available as a csv or Excel spreadsheet 0.9523809524
circle Discloses what percentage of raw materials suppliers is published 0.4761904762
circle Discloses supplier list that covers more than one raw material type (2021 only) 0.4761904762
circle Discloses 95% or higher of raw materials suppliers are included in the list/map
circle Publishes that this list or map of raw materials suppliers has been updated within the past 12 months 0.4761904762
circle Discloses whether the company is tracing the source/supplier of one or more specific raw materials 0.4761904762
circle Race-disaggregated breakdown of workers at each site (FTI Brazil only)
check_circle Nothing 0