Donation and Grant Policy


Donations and grants enable WikiRate to undertake its vital work as a non-profit organization. WikiRate aims to secure a diverse funding mix to maintain its independence and operate effectively.


WikiRate makes funding decisions according to the needs of its charitable programs and purposes, and consults the WikiRate core principles when deciding whether or not to accept funding:

  1. Availability and usability of information. Information on corporations’ social and environmental impacts should be abundant and usable;
  2. Diverse points of view on a neutral platform. Users, not WikiRate, judge companies; Users, not WikiRate, judge data quality; Editorial bias should be minimised;
  3. Open discussion and collaboration. Deliberation and discussion is visible; Collaborative projects are encouraged; and
  4. Openness and respect. All are welcome. Anyone can join WikiRate: individuals, advocacy groups, academics and researchers, company representatives, etc. Be honest and transparent, disclose conflicts of interest and address misrepresentations.

Any funding that compromises these principles will not be accepted. 


WikiRate accepts funding, whether monetary or in-kind, provided that acceptance does not compromise WikiRate's independence to pursue its mission or endanger WikiRate's integrity. Contributions are used for the furtherance of WikiRate’s charitable programs and purposes.


This Policy applies to all funding for WikiRate, regardless of types of donor or amounts involved, unless otherwise stated in this document. It is to be applied to all new funding from existing donors and to all new donors in the future. Appropriate care to protect the reputation of WikiRate should always be taken.


Funding to enable WikiRate to carry out its work should be sought from a wide range of sources, and for specific projects as well as general operations. Subject to maintaining WikiRate's independence and reputation, WikiRate will publicly disclose all corporate donations and grants with a value of more than €1,000. We commit to protecting the privacy of individual donors and will only disclose identifying details about these donors if we have their consent. 

Any donation to a WikiRate body must be able to stand up to public scrutiny. WikiRate will always publish company data in a free and impartial manner regardless of whether an entity has donated funds to the WikiRate Project.

If there is a risk that receiving funds from a particular source would impair WikiRate's independence, if there is a risk to WikiRate’s reputation from public association with the donor, or for any other reasons, WikiRate reserves the right to not accept the contribution. WikiRate also reserves the right to return funding if the integrity and/or intentions of the funding source are called into question after a donation has been received. The views of the WikiRate community will also be taken into consideration when deciding whether to accept or return a donation.

WikiRate can receive funding from corporations and donors from the private sector. This does not imply any endorsement of a donating company's policies or record. WikiRate may request that donors sign a memorandum of understanding before any donation is accepted.

This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary.

Policy last updated: November 2018