Conversions and Calculations

There are a variety conversions and calculations researchers may need to carry out prior to adding the value to WikiRate. When adding a new value always check the metric question and methodology for information on the unit of measure or currency.

Here are some examples of calculations or conversions you may need to carry out:

  • Simple conversions - when values are reported using different measurements or units, use a conversion tool to convert the data

  • Monetary conversions - monetary values must be converted to US Dollars. If the value is reported in a currency other than US dollars, please consult this page for details of how to convert it to dollars and the conversion rate to use

  • Percentages and quantities - if the metric requires a quantity (e.g. kg, joules, litres) but a percentage is reported, see if you can find the total and calculate the quantity that the percentage equates to, e.g. if a company produced 1000 tons of waste and 23% was recycled, multiply 1000 by 0.23 to find the amount of recycled waste (230 tons)

Remember, if you make calculations or conversions like these, please describe them as a comment on your metric value!