Question: Is there a public record of the company’s largest (institutional) shareholders?
Yes, disclosed by the company
Shareholder Disclosure
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updated over 1 year ago by Joshua Woodyatt

Bisley makes its ownership structure very clear at the bottom of page five of its statement, providing the following detail:


'Bisley Sales Pty Ltd, also known as Bisley Workwear, are owned by Parent Holding company DJG Corporation. David Gazal is the Sole Director, Owner and 100% Shareholder of DJG cooperation and Bisley Sales Pty Ltd. Please see supporting evidence from ASIC.'


Searching 'Bisley majority shareholder' reveals various results, including the 2020 company statement on modern slavery, and an ASX press release of the most recent transfer of Bisley's ownership, both of which reveal the company's sole director ownership structure.

Joshua Woodyatt.....2021-08-03 16:29:43 UTC