Checking metric values

Checking the accuracy of metric values is very important if we are to have confidence that the data WikiRate holds on companies is correct.

When checking metric values here are some easy steps to follow:

  1. Select a metric value - this could be via a company profile page, metric page or project page

  2. Review value details - click the drop down arrow next to the value to view the source and comments (comments should include details of where the value was located within the report and any calculations or conversions made to determine the metric value)

  3. View metric methodology - depending on your familiarly with the metric question it is always good practice to refer to the metric methodology to ensure you fully understand what is being asked

  4. View source and check value - see tips on how to search for metric values

  5. Verify metric value - once you have located the accurate metric value in the source either:

    • Click 'Yes, I checked' - to verify correct metric values, when a value has been checked a small blue tick will appear next to it, or

    • Click ‘No, I’ll fix it’ - to change incorrect metric values and include details in the comments

If you have doubts about a metric value's accuracy or it's source, please leave a comment to this effect.