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Learn how to add a Metric Answer.

This page shows you how to add a Metric Answer. The Metric Answer interface has three stages:

  1. Metric Question and Year Selection
  2. Source Selection or Adding
  3. Metric Response Value

Metric Answer pages: navigation

A Metric answer for a Company requires you to complete three stages which are called:

  1. Question, 
  2. Source, and 
  3. Answer. 

Each stage has several options to select or information boxes to complete. 

You can navigate between the stages by clicking on the relevant stage. Your work will be temporarily saved even when navigating away from an incomplete stage.

You can see below how that looks on the Metric interface:

Research Page Navigation Tabs image

Question and year selection

Tip: You will have already selected the Company you are researching when you clicked the Research button.

To change Company, head to the Research Projects to see how to select a Company.


Question and Year Selection
  1. Metric Question: Click one of the chevron arrows next to the Question to change it. 
  2. Year: See which years do or don’t have an Answer. In the example we’ve selected a year that is “Not Researched”. Selecting it means we are going to research the answer to the Question above for this year, and the selected company.
  3. All metrics: You can view all the Metrics for this Research Project in a list, rather than using the chevron arrows above.
  4. Select year: Clicking this means you wish to continue to the next stage of the Metric Answer

Tip: If you need more information about what the Metric question is asking, read the  question and check the Methodology section (at the bottom of the Question page).

Source selection

A Metric Answer’s value requires a Source. A Source is a Report, Spreadsheet or Webpage that contains the Answer to the Question.

Adding a Source to the Answer shows the origin of the value. It validates that the Answer value is accurate.

Many sources are already uploaded on WikiRate: meaning you can look for the Answer without leaving WikiRate.


If you need to add a source, see Adding a new Source to WikiRate, below.


source citation gif

How to search for an existing Source on WikiRate:

  1. Navigate to Source stage of the Metric Answer interface
  2. Use the Filters to look for source, for example you can search the relevant Company’s name, and the year you want to research
  3. Search the document that appears on screen for the relevant value/response to the Metric Question.
  4. Once you are satisfied that the Source contains the value/response make a note of it and click Select Source.

Adding a new Source to WikiRate

WikiRate has many Sources added to it but with many new Companies’ impacts being researched new Sources are often needed.

The Sources page’s Filters may return no results. Once you have found a Source via your own searches, you can add the Source using “Add New Source” button:

Add new source button


Clicking the “Add new Source” button will open a dialogue box where you can enter the Source’s details so that it can be stored on WikiRate for other WikiRaters to view and use.


Add new source window image
  1. File: Add the URL of the Source (*only links that end with .PDF). Alternatively, download the report and click on “Add by upload" instead.
  2. Title: Enter the report title. 
  3. Report Type:  From a list of options, indicate whether the Source is a Company Website, Sustainability Report, Annual Report, Mineral Report, Corporate Responsibility Report, Modern Slavery Statement, or an Integrated Report.
  4. Company: Enter the name of the reporting Company.
  5. Year: Reporting year
  6. Description: Add a brief description of the report format, for example, a PDF or Spreadsheet, and any other information other WikiRaters might find useful. This field is optional. 
  7. Submit: Click “Submit” to upload to WikiRate.

Add the value

The value answers the Metric Question; for example, How many tonnes of CO2 does company x produce? The Source that you choose includes the value you enter.

You can ask Other WikiRaters to check if you have reported the value and Source correctly on this page.

add value image
  1. Value: This is the Response/Value to the Metric Question that you found in the Source on the previous page. If you cannot find the relevant value select Unknown as your answer option.
  2. Source: The Source selected on the previous page
  3. Comments: You can use comments to inform other WIkiRaters about you Response Value, for example which page can it be found on or to quote some text from the source that adds context.
  4. Checks: Check this box if you want a WikiRate Steward to check you Answer
  5. Submit Answer.

If you are part of a Research Project:

  1. Click the Next Question button to move onto the next Metric Question.
  2. Continue until you have added all the Metric answers for your Company within the research Project.


Double-check data

If you are part of a university class and are using WikiRate for an assignment, you will be required to double-check (verify) the research of a fellow student for accuracy. 

The process is the same as researching (searching for the correct metric answers in the cited statement), but instead of entering new data, you will verify the data that is already there.

  1. On the Project Page, find the Company you want to check in the list on the right-hand side. 
  2. Click the Research button to the right of your Company to begin. 
  3. In the Question (Stage 1) select the Year of the answer to verify and click Select Year. 
  4. After selecting the Year, you will be in the Answer page (Stage 3).
  5. Next, open the source cited in a new tab, and look for the answer and, if you find the same value as your peer, click the “Confirm Answer” button in the Answer tab.
  6. Add comments, to show that you found the same answer in the cited report.
  7. If you find the value is wrong, update it by clicking the “Edit Answer” button. Add Comments to show that you found a different Answer in the cited report. 

Note: You need to refresh the page to see the updated data.

Check or Edit Image


Edit an Answer

You can edit the values or the Year of your Answer. If you have added any data incorrectly or found a better answer:

  1. Go to Question (Stage 1) and select the answer value and the Year you want to update.
  2. After selecting the Year, you will be in the Answer tab (Stage 3).
  3. Click the Edit Answer button (bottom of page) to correct the value, Source, or Year.
  4. Add a Comment to document on which page or section did you find the value.
  5. Click Submit Answer.

Note: You may need to refresh the page to see newly added answers.

Check or Edit Image




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