WikiRate is a community effort to make companies better, together.

Companies wield great power in the world today, but their social and environmental effects can be difficult to assess both for stakeholders and for corporations themselves. Better performance metrics can help people decide what companies to purchase from, invest in, and work for. They can reveal where companies are thriving and struggling, and they can direct attention and resources toward improvement.

WikiRate's mission is to spur corporations to be transparent and responsive. We welcome academics, nonprofits, companies, and the general public to research, openly and collaboratively, the impacts that companies have on the broader world.

WikiRate is bringing together diverse minds to design, develop, hone, populate, integrate, and share metrics of corporate performance. Great metrics require a thoughtful design that frames questions powerfully and pragmatically. They require detailed research and collaboration across many disciplines. They require interpretation and contextualization and analysis. And to have the desired impact, the metric data should be freely and openly available to all.

WikiRate is making this new form of collaborative research and analysis possible. In the process, together we’re making data about companies more transparent and useful than ever before.

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