Our mission is to spur corporations to be transparent and responsive by making data about their environmental social and governance (ESG) performance open and comparable for all.

Companies affect all of our lives, but their impacts can be difficult to assess. Better analyses would help us all decide what companies to purchase from, invest in, and work for.

WikiRate is building an engine of corporate sustainability data that is dynamic and structured by a community of individuals and institutions around the world. Once information is added to wikirate.org it can be combined with existing data and included in analyses that help us all make sense of it.

Openness is key to WikiRate. We believe that taking key performance data out of PDFs can help revolutionize the landscape of corporate sustainability by making structured, comparable ESG analysis available to all.

Join the WikiRate community by supporting our work, contributing research and using the data!

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Values and Principles

Read up on the values and principles that govern the WikiRate wiki community.

Learn more about The WikiRate Project and team at wikirateproject.org.