Question: Does the investor disclose in its modern slavery statement that it collaborates with industry and non-industry stakeholders to learn from experts and peers and/or lift the industry standard for preventing, identifying, and mitigating modern slavery, labour exploitation and human trafficking risks, and enabling effective remedy for harms caused or contributed to?
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"RBC also adheres to external standards on social risk governance. As a signatory to the Equator Principles(EP), we report annually on projects assessed according to the EP framework. Our most recent report can be found here."



Malene Hand.....2021-12-19 13:39:36 UTC

Malene Hand.....2021-12-19 13:43:21 UTC

Equator Principles are not specific to modern slavery. Do mention human rights more broadly

Katharine Bryant.....2021-12-29 19:51:32 UTC