Question: Is there a public record of the company’s largest (institutional) shareholders?
Yes, disclosed by the company
Shareholder Disclosure
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No public record of largest shareholders on the website or annual report.


Page 189

"The Company’s shareholder structure includes institutional investors, holding 33.83% of share capital, together with 1.77% held by private investors who play a key role shaping the share price and its liquidity."


Page 505

Significant shareholders

" In 2020 the transactions performed by the Inditex Group with Pontegadea Inversiones, S.L., Partler Participaciones S.L, Partler 2006, S.L. or with persons or companies related to them, or with Rosp Corunna Participaciones Empresariales, S.L.U. or with persons or companies related

to it were as follows:"

Arden Li.....2021-07-30 02:53:30 UTC

Per page 504 of Inditex's 2020 Annual Report, 'the members of the Board of Directors directly or indirectly held the following ownership interests in the share capital of Inditex', with a total of just under 60% of the share capital indicated as being owned by board members in the ensuing graph.

Joshua Woodyatt.....2021-08-13 05:15:48 UTC