Question: How does the company assess the risks of modern slavery and trafficking in their supply chain?
Use of risk management tool or software,
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This business does not outline any risk assessment directly related to modern slavery and or trafficking. The only risk assessment mentioned is in regards to "health, safety, the environment and corporate social responsibility, including the protection of human rights" (Page 3).

Brian Beresik.....2022-11-06 23:11:59 UTC

On page 3 they describe the integration of "a fully digital supplier onboarding solution" that is required to be used by suppliers. The prices requires suppliers to pass a compliance check on transactions over 25,000 Euros.

Kyle Sundland.....2022-11-09 22:06:56 UTC

"acquiring the capability to conduct ongoing risk assessments of high-risk suppliers sowe can identify and mitigate emerging risks" (page 4/8)

Abigail Munroe.....2022-11-29 14:16:22 UTC