WikiRate for NGOs


WikiRate is an open source platform that encourages information collaboration regarding environmental, social and governance (ESG) data. It is a platform where reporting standards and stakeholders meet, discuss, and collaborate. It is the metrics marketplace, where the future of ESG reporting is defined. As such, our aim at WikiRate is to provide organisations, academics and concerned individuals with the necessary tools to contribute to, increase and share knowledge and awareness. In doing so WikiRate offers a model of information collaboration that is open, transparent and evolving to help organisations achieve their aspirations for transparency and open-source data.

How to Engage

Organisations can investigate corporate practices and behaviour using established standards and metrics in the areas most pertinent to their overall objectives. They can equally create and populate their own standards and indicators to bring new and pressing issues to the limelight. 

Besides setting up an accessible and dynamic reporting infrastructure, organisations can join in an open dialogue with the entire WikiRate community; a diverse network of engaged stakeholders from the reporting industry, as well as academics, students, companies, and concerned citizens. Organisations could for example reach out to get students or interested users to research and populate data, or discuss how metrics may be developed to improve accuracy with other reporting initiatives.

In a nutshell, using the platform allows organisations to freely generate transparent and high quality data which can be used for advocacy, campaigns, projects, research, and can adapt the platform for new concepts and usage.


Project Examples

Here are some examples of organisations which have used WikiRate for research, and the metrics which they have populated using the platform. Projects using calculated metrics such as formulae, scoring and WikiRating metrics will be coming soon.

Project: UK Modern Slavery Act

Project: Investigating Mineral Sourcing Practices

Project Detox Catwalk


WikiRate is collaborating with top global players who are leading the way in shaping corporate social responsibility reporting. For example, WikiRate continues its collaboration with the Global Reporting Initiative in an effort to liberate and consolidate data from thousands of companies onto one platform.

We are always interested in establishing new partnerships with NGOs that can make meaningful contributions as part of to the WikiRate community, leading the way to a sustainable and transparent future.


Contact Us

Are you ready to get started? Check out our best practices guide and start engaging with the WikiRate community. 

If you have any questions, contact us directly to get to know more about WikiRate’s partnerships and collaborations. We are eager to hear your ideas and discuss new projects, standards, and campaigns!