WikiRate for Education

Teach Corporate Sustainability Performance

WikiRate is a valuable educational tool for anyone interested in how corporations shape the world and vice versa. A free, open platform for gathering, analysing and contextualizing data on environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, WikiRate increases the availability and usability of this information.

How to Engage

WikiRate in Classrooms

WikiRate can be used as a tool to engage students in practical research, with students gaining first-hand knowledge of the nature of sustainability reporting, and learning about what companies and other stakeholders find material. The metrics marketplace on WikiRate provides a basis for researching company sustainability performance – covering topics from human rights with Amnesty International’s conflict minerals metrics, to labor, environment and social issues with more than 40 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators, converted to over 170 metrics on WikiRate.

Using metrics and company sustainability reports, among other sources, we have engaged university professors to create assignments (of low and high intensity) that get students involved with researching, recording and discussing company data.

  • We are actively seeking institutional and academic partners to establish Pilot Courses incorporating CSR research into the classroom - see our Call for Engagement.

  • WikiRate and the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) have launched a pilot to engage university students in tracking corporate contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). PRME Advanced Signatories and Champions are eligible to participate.

Sample Assignments & Scopes

The sample assignments below are meant to outline different teaching modules that can be used for inspiration and recombined to create an assignment or course tailored to your needs. Following these samples is a guidance on student assessment based on previous WikiRate-classroom pilots. The information here can be built upon through feedback from further engagements and collaborations. We welcome your insights and additional ideas - we can only be a true wiki with your help!

Sample Assignment - Researching Company Sustainability Strategies

Sample Assignment - Rating Company Sustainability Performance

Assessing Students

Assessing student work can be done in terms of the number of metric values they add, types of metrics they chose, how they explain their work, cross-student assessment (how they check other students’ work), and so on. Some activity can be tracked through WikiRate from the users’ profile page. If you would like additional details on your students’ contributions to WikiRate, we can discuss how we can accommodate this.

Resources & Guidance

  • Project pages on WikiRate help to organise student assignments according to defined metrics and companies to research. If you would like to organise a project on WikiRate we can support by setting up the page according to the metrics and companies you choose. Download this spreadsheet, complete the relevant fields and send back to us. Projects can be edited and refined at any point in case you want to make changes at a later date.

  • WikiRate Education Community Slack Channel: We recently launched a new Slack channel to bring together academics using WikiRate to share ideas, experiences and have dialogue around pilots, standards, etc. Please contact us if you would like to join this channel.