WikiRate for companies

WikiRate Project e.V., the non-profit behind, is not anti-corporate. We are perhaps an activist for transparency, and added transparency will certainly challenge the status-quo of every company in some aspect, big or small - but through we aim to do so as fairly as possible. is still a crowdsourcing effort, hence we established certain social guidelines and technological features to improve data quality (please read and comment about it here).

Data is at the core of WikiRate. Measurements captured in metrics that matter allow companies to focus and set internal goals that can be monitored. Metrics, and their scoring and aggregation into ratings, will allow to highlight and cite best-in-class behaviour in the same way as worst-in-class behaviour.

Here a few suggestions how your company may engage with WikiRate:

  • Share your annual CSR report in an effective, machine-readable format - we aim to make the import of such reports easily and started conversations with GRI on this
  • Eventually we will set up the possibility for users to ask companies questions - instead of answering to many different requests from all different kinds of rating agencies, please answer them here on WikiRate (only once needed!)
  • Participate in discussions on what metrics are fair and which are not.