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Metric Type
Value Type
Research Policy
Community Assessed
Report Type
Communication on Progress
Corporate Social Responsibility Report


The purpose of this metric is to record actions that a company has taken which contribute to SDG4.

“Actions“ in this context are loosely defined, and the list of relevant actions is a work in progress, please add new response options (through “Update Value Type“) when you see an action which isn’t covered by any of the existing options. The question of what “counts“ as a relevant action for a particular SDG is an open one, and this metric can be used as a space for collaboratively figuring that out.

To add data for this metric, please select the appropriate categories from the list and include quotations from the report that give more detail on the actions. If you see a relevant action in a company’s report that isn’t represented in the current list of options, consider adding a new option for it, following the instructions above.