Walk Free Foundation+MSA training (revised)+Pinsent Masons LLP+2019+Discussion

Together with one of our suppliers of regulatory training services, wehave developed an on-line forced labour training course tailored to thePinsent Masons group. This training provides an introduction to the risks offorced labour with specific reference to how those risks may manifest withinour supply chain and the policy and processes we have in place to avoidthose risks. The training is required to be undertaken by all Pinsent Masonsgroup staff globally and was rolled out in our financial year 2018/19.5

Aileen Robinson.....2021-04-08 16:16:33 UTC

In addition to the above training, we have developed a longer and moredetailed on-line forced labour training course to be undertaken by thoseindividuals within the firm who have responsibility for sourcing andmanaging suppliers. That training course will be rolled out in our financialyear 2019/20.5

Aileen Robinson.....2021-04-08 16:16:43 UTC