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MSA supply chain disclosure

Does the company’s statement identify the suppliers in their supply chain and/or the geographic regions where their supply chain operates?

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Companies Values
Homebase Limited
2016 = Unknown
Coca-Cola HBC Northern Ireland Ltd
2017 = Unknown
Complete Coffee Limited
2017 = Unknown
Harvey Nichols Group
2016 = Unknown
Bokomo Foods UK
2016 = Unknown
Kurt Geiger
2017 = Unknown
Telstra Corporation Limited
2016 = Unknown
August Storck KG
2017 = Unknown
Ossur UK Ltd
2016 = Unknown
CALA Group Holdings
2017 = Unknown
Chelmer Foods Limited
2016 = No
Michael Kors UK Ltd
2016 = No
Grand Union Housing Group
2016 = No
Story Homes Limited
2017 = No
Lantmannen Unibake UK Ltd
2017 = No
2016 = No
BHP Billiton
2016 = No
Fred Perry Ltd
2016 = No
F.Hinds Limited
2017 = No
CBRE Group
2017 = No

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Research Policy
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Modern Slavery Statement
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Geographical , Facility/Supplier and No


Most companies reporting under the UK Modern Slavery Act would have complex supply chains covering many countries and suppliers. It is therefore important that a company identifies or maps out their supply chain. Disclosing all suppliers and geographic regions within a modern slavery statement illustrates that a company is serious about assessing risks within their supply chain.

For further information on disclosure of supply chain please refer to the Home Office Guidance, page 27


Does the company’s statement identify the suppliers or map out the country or geographic region where supply chains are based? The mapping can include a list of the names of suppliers, or list of the specific countries or regions where goods are sourced. Some company statements include graphs or pie charts indicating where their company supply chain is based.

Please note this metric requires a list of the names of countries and/ or suppliers, not a statement outlining the total number of countries or suppliers.

If the company specifies at least one region, country or area that feeds into their supply chain, the answer should be “Geographical”.

If the company discloses a list of suppliers, the answer should be “Facility/Supplier”.

If the company specifies both a region, country or area AND a list of suppliers, then please select both values, “Geographical” and “Facility/Supplier”.

If no such disclosure exists, then please select “No”.

Please include a comment that copies relevant information from the statement.

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