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Modern Slavery Statement
Katharine Bryant

To be able to assess whether companies are improving their modern slavery due diligence over time, the Modern Slavery Act requires companies to publish a statement for every financial year and to make these publicly available. However, companies will often remove statements from previous years, once a new statement is released. This hampers the ability of stakeholders to make year-on-year assessments and hold business to account over a longer period of time.


Does the company provide a historic record of their modern slavery statements?

If the company provides links to any of their previous statements (either on their website or in their current statement), please indicate “Yes”, and provide details about where you found it and how many previous statements they link to in the comment section.

If no such links exist on their website or in the current statement, please select "No".

* Note on choosing the Year of your answer

When researching this metric the "Year" field should be set to the current year.