Question: Does the company disclose that they provide living wage to workers in their supply chain?
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"Commitment to realise a living wage

Fast Retailing recognises a living wage as worker’s right in its Living Wage Approach. In our supply chain, Fast Retailing strives to ensure not only a minimum wage for workers, but also a living wage that gives workers a higher standard of living.

The Code of Conduct for Production Partners states that wages should be at a level which not only satisfies workers' basic needs for clothing, food and housing, but which also enables workers’ decent lives. Such a wage should be earned during legally defined normal working hours without overtime."

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"Fast Retailing uses the Global Living Wage Coalition’s estimates, where available, and the Fair Labor Association's (FLA) Fair Compensation Dashboard and tools to measure living wage progress for workers in the supply chain.

Key actions that Fast Retailing has taken toward achieving a living wage are:"

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