Question: Does the company explicitly state not sourcing, restricting, or avoiding the sourcing of raw materials, the production of textiles, or manufacturing of garments from regions where the state is involved in the exploitation of workers?
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'All Group home brand suppliers are audited prior to engagement by Boardriders Group. If a supplier is not in a high risk country (as defined by World Bank’s Worldwide Governance Indicators) and can provide evidence of an audit conducted by an accredited independent company, the Group may waive a separate audit requirement depending on the content of the audit. The Group monitors supplier behaviour and compliance with QUEST, notably every year in high risk countries through an independent external contractor who carries out unannounced audits and also by ongoing monitoring. Unless suppliers meet these requirements, they cannot obtain an “active” status with Boardriders Group.' - 3

Peter Wallace.....2023-01-06 07:23:28 UTC