Question: Does the company explicitly state not sourcing, restricting, or avoiding the sourcing of raw materials, the production of textiles, or manufacturing of garments from regions where the state is involved in the exploitation of workers?
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page 37: '"Mandated that suppliers must not source cotton from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous

Region (XUAR)" as part of Primark's Sustainable Cotton Programme and in partnership with Cotton Connect


"Signatory to the Responsible Sourcing Network Pledge which sets out our commitment to not

knowingly source Uzbek or Turkmen cotton" -- does not specifically state their own ban, and still permits unknowingly sourcing cotton.


"Zero tolerance on the use of any production inputs (covering all tiers of the supply chain and

production processes, and all materials) from the XUAR"


Page 38: Zero tolerance of any labour from North Korea


Kate Aston.....2022-12-15 07:00:20 UTC