Question: Does the company explicitly state not sourcing, restricting, or avoiding the sourcing of raw materials, the production of textiles, or manufacturing of garments from regions where the state is involved in the exploitation of workers?
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updated 6 months ago by Julia Spicer

'Hermes Group is committed to ensuring social, environmental and ethical responsibility is at the forefront of all processes applied to the manufacturing and production of Hermes products, such as sourcing Hermes iconic materials, leather, silk, cashmere and wood, from natural and renewable sources so as to minimize Hermes footprint' P.1


Indirect purchases are supervised by a dedicated department in the Hermes Group, which pools certain purchases at Group level and also in the subsidiaries or regional service centres. It also coordinates Hermes Group action plans on major topics, which is then deployed to each entity within the Hermes Group, including Hermes Australia P.2

Julia Spicer.....2022-12-10 23:17:30 UTC

MSA statement doesn't mention Hermes' decision to not to source materials or workers from areas where workers are likely to be exploited.

Ruby Wong.....2022-12-11 04:02:11 UTC