Question: Does the company mention that it provides any type of support to suppliers and/or supply chain workers as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic?
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pg. 4

"With the ongoing impact of COVID-19; we maintained a focus on our people – keeping all permanent team members in full employment and on full pay throughout the FY21 year. Accent Group received government grants under the JobKeeper program, deploying all funds to our people to 31st of July 2021. This support enabled us to keep team members employed during the various government mandated store closures that occurred throughout the year."

pg. 17

"Over the past twelve months we reviewed our employee contracts and sought to migrate those on a casual contract to permanent part-time in order to provide extra support when unexpected circumstances, such as COVID-19 arise. In FY21, we created 300 new permanent roles across our stores and businesses, and therefore now have fewer employees on casual contracts compared with the end of FY20."

Manali Rana.....2022-12-12 12:27:40 UTC

Answer changed from Yes to No, as company does not provide details on any particular support for its supply chain or supply chain workers

The following is insufficient: p. 20 "It is reasonably likely that our operating environment will be impacted by COVID-19 for some time. We therefore remain committed to working collaboratively with our suppliers and partners and to be flexible in our ways of working"

theresah.....2023-01-31 12:20:27 UTC