Question: Does the company describe a grievance mechanism to facilitate whistle-blowing or the reporting of suspected incidents of slavery or trafficking?
Hotline, Email, Contact Form (direct employees),
Whistleblower protection (supply chain workers),
Focal Point (direct employees)
Walk Free
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This includes an anonymous channel, the Business

Integrity Line, staffed by a live operator from an independent company 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 4

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In addition to training, auditing, and other aspects of the SWA program, McDonald’s requires that suppliers provide

their own internal reporting mechanisms to ensure their people have a confidential, safe, and timely way to report

workplace concerns without the fear of retaliation. 6

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People Services Helpdesk is also available every day of the year for our people to raise any concerns that they may

have in relation to any aspect of their working lives.

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