It states that it is available to 'those who work with us', thus also considering suppliers. pg. 3 "Our employees and business partners are encouraged to report violations or concerns of the Codes. The Ferrero Integrity Helpline was set up to enable Ferrero Group employees and those who work with us to ask questions and report issues in relation to our Codes and Policies. The helpline allows issues to be reported to Ferrero confidentially and, where local law permits, anonymously. It is accessible 24-hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year in 43 languages via a website and toll-free/local numbers in 55 countries where Ferrero operates. Reports are collected by a third party and made available to a Ferrero Steering Committee, composed of members of the Group’s Management Team, for review and investigation. " Manali Rana[https://wikirate.org/Manali_Rana].....2022-05-18 13:01:35 UTC
[[Lucia Ixtacuy]].....2022-06-24 12:36:10 UTC