Question: Does the company have a grievance mechanism in place to facilitate whistle-blowing or the reporting of suspected incidents of slavery or trafficking for supply chain workers?
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"A brief mention, but unclear whether the whistleblowing mechanisms are to be used by victims themselves or internal staff (from the wording it seems like it is directed at internal procedures however):


Visa has other formal policies intended to promote ethical and legally compliant business conduct. Policies contributing to our commitment to prevent violations of human rights such as modern forms of slavery in our business include:

 Discrimination and Harassment Policy

 Health and Safety Policy

 Whistleblower and Non-Retaliation Policy

 Sourcing Policies"

Adele B.....2017-04-23 03:05:21 UTC

Agree, the language is vague.

Joy King.....2017-04-26 22:42:37 UTC