Question: Does the statement describe training for staff that is specifically geared towards detecting signs of slavery or trafficking?
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"To manage and mitigate incidents of modern slavery effectively, a company must have a culture of awareness surrounding labour exploitation and the trafficking of persons. In this knowledge, we are deeply committed to ensuring our staff are vigilant regarding human rights and the prevention of MSHT.

Our ongoing programme of training, which has a completion date in 2022, includes the following activities with the intention of increasing MSHT awareness and reporting among all staff.

• A bespoke training session by STOP THE TRAFFIK, delivered to our Human Resources, Procurement and Safety Teams. The session will include how to spot the signs of modern slavery, specific to our sectors of concern, as well as information on reporting procedures if a suspicion arises.

• The M&B Supplier Code of Conduct and M&B Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy will be circulated to all heads of departments.

• All relevant employees dealing with suppliers will be required to familiarise themselves with the M&B Supplier Code of Conduct.

• A copy of the M&B Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy will be available to employees.

In the future, we hope to carry out more training programmes, to ensure our work force is as informed as possible on the issues of MSHT and human rights."

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