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MSA training (revised)
Does the statement describe training for staff that is specifically geared towards detecting signs of slavery or trafficking?
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Training provided - not specified to who
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It states to to provide the training to relevant internal teams, thus it does not explicitly mention to whom the training is provided.

pg. 9

"We use this framework to develop Human Rights Action Plans for priority raw material supply chains. We have developed a Practitioners’ Guide to the CARE Framework, and we train relevant internal teams in applying the framework"

pg. 14

"Tailored training is provided to relevant teams internally. "

pg. 12

"As part of our commitment to building supplier capability, we periodically engage suppliers in awareness raising and third-party training initiatives in order to drive continuous improvements. All of our Mars Commercial Associates are expected to take our Next Generation Supplier training course, which includes content on our human rights standards and expectations of our suppliers, including with regard to forced labor."

pg. 15

"This work includes forced labor training by third party experts – including awareness raising materials for suppliers, guidance on contracting, and integration of forced labor risk indicators into existing child labor monitoring systems. "

pg. 18

"we catalyzed and supported an industry-wide training on ethical recruitment in Mexico reaching 20 leading mills, growers associations and peer companies, in addition to work underway to deepen the capabilities of sugarcane suppliers to Mars in that region to monitor, address and prevent a range of human rights risks in their supply sheds. "

pg. 21

"This includes funding new training launched by Verité for palm oil producers, supporting training to address forced labor risks for suppliers in the cocoa sector, and launching new internal training at Mars to equip procurement leaders to understand and take action across our human rights programs. More than 700 Associates have been trained in our Supplier Code of Conduct, our Next Generation Supplier Program and our overall approach to addressing human rights issues to date, including content related to forced labor risks and remediation. "

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