Question: Does the statement describe training for staff that is specifically geared towards detecting signs of slavery or trafficking?
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In-person training with our buying and sourcing functions included scenario setting and case studies to demonstrate the multiple stages of a transaction where the opportunity to influence positive purchasing behaviour presents itself.

The policy and how to implement its guidance has been included in an annual training calendar and induction of new team members in the sourcing and purchasing departments.

Modern Slavery training for our employees was halted due to office and store closures during COVID-19. This will re-commence in the next reporting period."

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Members of our buying and management team received Modern Slavery and Responsible Purchasing training.

Training of further departments at our Head Office planned for the second half of the reporting period was hampered due to COVID-19 and has been re-scheduled to take place in 2021-2022."

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• extend Modern Slavery training to the remainder of Head Office staff and commence training at regional operations."

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