Question: Does the company’s statement name the suppliers in their supply chain and/or the geographic regions where their supply chain operates?
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"We recognize the importance for transparency in our supply chain and publish the list of our core manufacturers (Tier 1) and core component and material suppliers (Tier 2). This list can be found on PUMA's website under Sustainability/Social. The PUMAglobal core factory list, includes suppliers that stand for 80% of the sourcing volume of our apparel, footwear, and accessories divisions. PUMA's suppliers are located all around the world. Asia remains the strongest sourcing region overall with Vietnam (35%) and China (26%) as our main sourcing countries. The core factory list contains the name, address and tier-level of each factory as well as information on the type of product being processed and the number of employed workers. During the financial year 2020, PUMA sourced from 139 independent suppliers in 31 countries worldwide."

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