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Mars Inc.
Walk Free
Does the company’s statement name the suppliers in their supply chain and/or the geographic regions where their supply chain operates?
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pg. 4

"Globally, more than 133,000 Associates are working across our more than 450 sites including manufacturing facilities, offices and other workplaces in 80 countries."

"In the United Kingdom: We employ more than 4,000 Associates across 7 factories and 11 office sites through Mars Petcare, Mars Wrigley and Mars Food."

"In Australia, background on our reporting entities, operations and supply chain is as follows: We employ nearly 2,000 Associates across six factories and two office sites, spanning Mars Petcare, Mars Wrigley and Mars Food divisions."

It gives link of Tier 1 supplier list but currently no information is available in this link.

pg. 16

"In addition to publishing our Tier 1 supplier list in cocoa, we mapped and shared additional supply chain details to the Tier 2 level in 2020, mapping approximately one third of the farms in our supply chain, as we work toward our goal of 100% of our cocoa being responsibly sourced and traceable by 2025 (traceable from the farmer to the first point of purchase- the farmer organization, cooperative, or licensed buying company our suppliers buy from)."

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