Question: Does the company’s statement name the suppliers in their supply chain and/or the geographic regions where their supply chain operates?
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Gap inc.
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From the citation above, I have found that GAP do not identify there suppliers or the geographic regions in which they operate. This leads me to suspicions of poor use of labour. GAP state all there policies for there suppliers e.g. "All applicable laws, rules and regulations ... these laws include, but are not limited to, laws relating to theemployment conditions of their respective employeessuch as: (1) wage and hour, labor, child labor, and forced labor requirements; (2) health and safety; (3) immigration; (4) discrimination; (5) labor or workers’ rights in general; and (6) environmental laws and regulations." however this doesn't tell us who or where the suppliers are.

Alfie.....2018-10-19 10:25:23 UTC