Question: Does the company’s statement name the suppliers in their supply chain and/or the geographic regions where their supply chain operates?
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Manufacturing facilities are mostly located in Asia.

"C.Description of AMD’s manufacturingsupply chain

“Manufacturing Suppliers” contribute materials that directly impact and become a part of AMD products. This includes wafer fabrication, outsourced assembly and test (OSAT), direct materials (substrates, lids, capacitors, memory), and boards inclusive of components.The majority of AMD’s manufacturingsuppliers have multi-year business relationships with the company. The largest portion of AMD’s overall supplier spending is with its fabrication foundry partners. Manufacturing suppliers operatefacilities in a diverse range of countries around the world.The predominance of manufacturing supplier facilities are located in Asia. AMD utilizes tools provided by EICC to assess risks of forced labor and human traffickingin the countries where our manufacturing supplier’s factories are located."

--Richard Mills.....2017-01-10 14:17:50 UTC