Question: Does the company continuously monitor suppliers to ensure that they comply with the company’s policies and local laws?
Audits of suppliers (independent),
On-site visits (independent)
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pg. 5

"We have an audit program under which audits of direct manufacturing contractors are conducted by an independent third-party auditor."


"During the audit, the independent third-party auditor will visit and inspect the site, conduct interviews with supervisors, managers and workers at the facility (without supervisors and managers present), and review relevant books and records of the third-party manufacturer."

Singh Anjali.....2021-12-17 13:19:19 UTC

"Manufacturing contractors are selected for audits each year based on the risk assessment described above and the results of prior audits. Manufacturing contractors are subject to announced audits at least every three years and unannounced audits as the circumstances warrant." p.5

Laureen van Breen.....2021-12-20 12:51:10 UTC