Question: How does the company assess the risks of modern slavery and trafficking in their supply chain?
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Patrick Caron.....2022-11-06 23:15:46 UTC


"Modern Slavery Risk Analysis (MSRA) standardises assessment of suppliers’ risk to modern slavery type practices. Pre and post contract award assurance through disclosuresin supplier Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) identifies corrective actions and appropriate mitigants (where required)."


"We understand that multiple risk factors potentially influence the nature and extent of modern slavery practices, particularly when these factors intersect. We have used the following risk factors to inform our risk analysis:

• High-risk countries of operation.

• High-risk categories of supplier services.

• Resources used in goods.

• Type of workforce/employment arrangements.

Priority (intersecting) risk has been defined as where combinations of the above factors intersect, we recognise that these suppliers represent even greater risk of modern slavery practices."

p.11 Shows the results of the company's research process with risks broken down by country and industry. Company states that they used risk indices like the Global Slavery Index to create their risk profiles.

"7 According to modern slavery related country vulnerability and risk indices, including the Global Slavery Index -"

Aileen Robinson.....2022-11-21 11:33:46 UTC