Question: How does the company assess the risks of modern slavery and trafficking in their supply chain?
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"The risk mapping covers all suppliers with an established business relationship (tier 1) with Chanel, who are required to provide extensive information regarding the traceability of their own supply chain (tier 2, tier 3, etc.)."

Anais.....2022-12-06 15:59:10 UTC

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“Chanel has designed its own supply chain risk assessment tool, which was reviewed by an expert third party in 2020. It is composed of a common set of core criteria, which considers:

 External risk by country and sector of activity on criteria such as health and safety, environmental pollution, respect of human rights or corruption, based on external reference databases; and

 Risks linked to the supplier’s activity and to the business relationship.”

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“The Laboratory of Fragrance Creation and Development formalised in 2020, with the support of an external technical expert, a Sustainability risk assessment tool for 100% of its natural ingredients. The tool, made of 19 indicators, cross references the results of the environmental and social risks inherent to the cultivation country of origin of the plant (based on external databases such as the Social Hotspot 5 Database, FAO Stats, Global Forest watch, etc.) with Chanel's level of exposure to these risks.”

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“To continue to strengthen the assessment of environmental, social and ethical issues that can occur in its supply base, Chanel has been partnering with the EcoVadis platform since 2020.”

Manali Rana.....2023-01-23 12:59:17 UTC