Question: How does the company assess the risks of modern slavery and trafficking in their supply chain?
Risk-based questionnaires,
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MSA risk assessment
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Social audit programme

Finished goods suppliers are required to comply with our ethical sourcing on-boarding process which includes compliance with our policy suite (see below), audit and corrective action remediation programme. Suppliers are required to complete a pre-audit questionnaire and undergo either an annual internal audit conducted by our in-country compliance teams or provide a third party audit conducted in the past 12 months."


"We recognise that whilst factory audits provide a useful tool in identifying potential indicators of modern slavery from which to drive further engagement, they cannot provide a full understanding of working conditions.

All audits and site visits assess the presence of complaints mechanisms however we appreciate providing a range of channels for workers to raise concerns is vital in ensuring they have effective and legitimate access to remedies which they feel comfortable and confident in using.

Our factories in Bangladesh, as members of the RMG Sustainability Council (RSC) have a health and safety complaints mechanism in place where workers are able to raise safety concerns in a confidential manner."

Singh Anjali.....2021-11-16 12:17:47 UTC

I checked In Development because the company has started the development of a risk register to identify risk (page 5) and becuse the company states that "In 2021, we will commence the development of a supplier questionnaire to be issued to high risk priority suppliers" (p. 9)

I unchecked use of risk management tool or system as I found no evidence of it. The above evidence does not support this.

Sofia Gonzalez De Aguinaga.....2021-12-08 01:15:03 UTC