Question: Does the company’s statement detail one or more specific, organisational policies or actions to combat slavery in their direct (tier 1) and/or in-direct (beyond tier 1) supply chain?
Suppliers comply with laws and company’s policies (direct / tier 1),
Prohibit use of forced labour (direct / tier 1),
Code of conduct or supplier code includes clauses on slavery and human trafficking (direct / tier 1),
Prohibit use of child labour (direct / tier 1),
Suppliers respect labour rights (wages / freedom of association etc) (direct / tier 1)
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MSA policy (revised)
Urban Outfitters
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Urban Outfitters CA Transparency, pg. 1


Under the Code of Conduct, Urban Outfitters’s Suppliers certify that they will conduct business in compliance with the law, including, among other things, without child labor, without forced or compulsory labor, without corporal punishment, without discrimination and in compliance with wage and hour requirements, health and safety and environmental laws."

Urban Outfitters MSA Statement 2019, pg. 1

"Modern slavery act 2nd para"

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