Question: Does the company’s statement detail one or more specific, organisational policies or actions to combat slavery in their direct (tier 1) and/or in-direct (beyond tier 1) supply chain?
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Contracts include clauses on forced labour (direct / tier 1)
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MSA policy (revised)
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updated 2 months ago by Elly Williams

Since, the contract contains the modern slavery clause and not the forced labor clause. It is not considered.

pg. 9

"Contract clauses

The Hydro Tasmania group includes modern slavery clauses in its procurement contract templates to ensure suppliers do not engage in modern slavery and that modern slavery laws are complied with."

Manali Rana.....2022-11-03 11:49:43 UTC

It can be considered.

Manali Rana.....2022-11-04 10:05:03 UTC

p.9 "Policy DevelopmentA review is underway of all Hydro Tasmania’s policies with the appropriate policy documents to include modern slavery. This work is expected to be finalised and updated in the next reporting period. "

Elly Williams.....2022-11-15 11:22:24 UTC