Question: Does the company’s statement detail policies to combat slavery in their supply chain?
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Relevant statement:

"Our Compliance and Ethics Manager works closely with Sedex to ensure that all of our supply partners are up to date with completion of self-assessments.

Our process for this is as follows:

1. Self-Assessment: We collect information within the Sedex Self-Assessment Questionnaire that could be indicators of managements systems gaps or forced or bonded labour (such as holding of identity documents, wage deductions made, etc). New questions have been added to name labor providers used by suppliers. These issues can then be addressed further, often via a third party audit.

2. Risk Assessment:Sedex works with global risks analytics experts, Maplecroft, who reference hundreds of indices - from human rights violations to political risk factors to flag country and industry risk factors. This is combined with answers from the Sedex Self-Assessment Questionnaire which highlights management systems risk indicators for human trafficking and forced or bonded labor.

3. Audit: Sedex has created SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) – a free, publicly available 4 pillar audit methodology in ethical trade auditing, benefitting companies and their suppliers. Sedex’s SMETA audit system is typical and very widely used.

4. Reporting tools: The Sedex platform enables members to report on trends across the supply chain and look for possible self-assessment or audit non-compliance indicators of forced or bonded labor that might seem innocuous on their own. "

--Laureen van Breen.....2016-11-03 14:23:55 UTC