Walk Free+MSA incidents remediation (revised)+UNILEVER AUSTRALIA GROUP PTY LTD+2021 edit
Worker remediation,
Corrective action plan,
Senior management,
Cancel contracts

pg. 2

"Where suppliers are found to fall short against the RSP requirements, they are required to close the gaps through risk mitigation and the development and implementation of a corrective action plan. A supplier must close all of its non-conformances in full before it can be considered compliant. "

"Our approach is to work with the supplier to remediate the issue in the best interest of the workers. If, however, a supplier is not willing to comply, or has continual non-conformances with no remediation plans, then our global Procurement Business Integrity Committee is empowered to make the decision to terminate the business relationship."

pg. 7

"Number of PI supplier sites with verified corrective action plans in last 3 years 1,693"

"If there is an indication of forced labour/modern slavery or a specific case is identified, it is immediately escalated to the Procurement Director and Procurement Vice President within 24 hours. We then work with the supplier to put an action plan in place to remediate the issue. Some issues, such as passport retention, can be remediated quickly; others, such as repayment of fees, can be more complex and take more time. In all cases, a corrective action plan and timeline are put in place. We always make the well- being of the affected individual(s) the key priority."

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