Question: In the modern slavery statement, does the company explain one or more of the corrective steps it has taken (or would take) in response to modern slavery incidents in their operations and/or supply chain?
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pg. 4

"During 2020, we identified and were able to remedy four zero-tolerance issues related to workers’ compensation below legal requirement and failure to renew business license."

pg. 2

"PUMA has actively promoted respect for Human Rights within its supply chains for over 20 years. All PUMA suppliers (Tier 1), as well as all PUMA Core Suppliers (Tier 2), are regularly assessed for compliance with our Code of Conduct. We recognize the risk of modern slavery within the textile and footwear industries. All forms of modern slavery, including forced labor, bonded labor, child labor and human trafficking are defined as Zero Tolerance Issues (ZTIs) as stated in PUMA's Sustainability Handbook - Social Standards. New factories with ZTI's will not be admitted into PUMA's supply chains. For active factories, the remediation of ZTIs is treated with the highest priority. Should a factory fail to remediate any identified ZTIs within an agreed timeframe,the business relationship with this factory will be terminated."

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