Question: In the modern slavery statement, does the company explain one or more of the corrective steps it has taken (or would take) in response to modern slavery incidents in their operations and/or supply chain?
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Gap inc.
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"Activity like this violates our COVC and our response to these findings involved corrective action plans and follow-up visits to validate that the remediation occurred. These issues have been remediated by the factories or in some cases the factory no longer manufacture our product."

Tom Tweddle.....2020-10-18 15:25:12 UTC

Failure of vendors to abide by Gap Inc.’s COVC and/or VCA can result in corrective action up to and including the termination of all existing and future business.5

Elly Williams.....2021-05-03 08:43:12 UTC

Our Supplier Sustainability, Quality Assurance and Merchandising teams seek to prevent and detect UAS. If a UAS case is found, we investigate, require remediation, and may impose financial chargebacks, or, in severe or repeat cases, we will terminate our business with the supplier.7

Elly Williams.....2021-05-04 01:15:46 UTC