Question: In the modern slavery statement, does the company explain one or more of the corrective steps it has taken (or would take) in response to modern slavery incidents in their operations and/or supply chain?
Worker remediation,
Corrective action plan,
Cancel contracts
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pg. 4

"In the event of a violation of the Supplier Code, we reserve the right to either terminate our relationship with the supplier or to work with the supplier to implement corrective action to remedy the non-conformance."

pg. 6

"We have internal accountability standards and procedures for employees and suppliers that fail to comply with our policies relating to modern slavery. Violations of the Employee Code can result in dismissal of the employee and, as earlier noted, violations of the Supplier Code can result in termination of our relationship with the supplier."

Singh Anjali.....2021-12-17 13:22:17 UTC

"We require that our suppliers must repay these fees to the worker if found to have been paid by workers."


Laureen van Breen.....2021-12-20 12:27:49 UTC

"In the case of a serious violation of the Supplier Code, termination of the Company’s relationship with the manufacturer may occur, particularly where corrective action is either not possible or determined to be an insufficient remedy." p. 5

Laureen van Breen.....2021-12-20 12:51:48 UTC