Question: In the modern slavery statement, does the company explain one or more of the corrective steps it has taken (or would take) in response to modern slavery incidents in their operations and/or supply chain?
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pg. 6


During the reporting period, we established a Responsible Sourcing strategy to reflect our responsibility to uphold the rights of workers in our supply chain, our commitment to minimising our environmental footprint and drive positive change for our stakeholders.

Containing six pillars underpinned by time bound strategic objectives, the roadmap includes supplier capacity building and worker access to remedy, responsible fibre sourcing, governance, stakeholder partnerships, transparency and governance."

pg. 7

"Finished goods suppliers are required to comply with our ethical sourcing on-boarding process which includes compliance with our policy suite (see below), audit and corrective action remediation programme."

Singh Anjali.....2021-11-16 14:13:44 UTC

The evidence above does not show whether the company engages in remediation or corrective action plans. Therefore, I have unchecked worker remediation and corrective action plan.

The company states that they did not end contracts with suppliers due to non-compliances as KPI which indicates the company would do so if non-compliances were identified. Therefore, I have checked termination of contracts.

Sofia Gonzalez De Aguinaga.....2021-12-08 02:16:28 UTC