Question: Does the statement describe training for staff that is specifically geared towards detecting signs of slavery or trafficking?
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When Nikon's CSR Procurement Standards were deliberated and approved, the company explained modern slavery and human trafficking to its Supply Chain Sub Committee.


It held internal briefing session for 160 personnel responsible for product-related procurement in each business unit in Japan, China, and Thailand. Staff were also trained on and were requested to comply with the contents of Nikon's CSR Procurement Standards. Additionally, the company provided two basic training sessions on procurement to 60 other personnel who have activities related to purchasing in other functions. These trainings included Nikon's stance on CSR and its CSR Procurement Standards.


With regards to its procurement partners, Nikon held explanatory sessions in Japan, China, and Thailand on CSR Procurement Standards for 897 Tier 1 procurement partner companies with 1,223 people in attendance.


Going forward (next fiscal year), the company will review the training contents and enhance it to further understand and mitigate risk of slavery and human trafficking.

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