Question: Does the statement describe training for staff that is specifically geared towards detecting signs of slavery or trafficking?
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Relevant instances in the MSA to train staff that is specifically geared towards detecting signs of slavery or trafficking:


1. "Steps taken to upskill our high risk suppliers, and assessing their ability to detect and mitigate modern slavery risk in supply chains: We have supported Car wash providers through training and audit and encouraged Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, Spanish and Malaysian suppliers to access relevant collaborations training." as stated on page 10.


2. "The Global Social Compliance teams had 1 day of specialist modern slavery training, North and South China M&S social compliance team attended ETI modern slavery training and modern slavery was a topic at International, retail and property Huddles and Hong Kong sourcing Office." cited on page 7, under modern slavery training.


3. "We are active members of innovative UK Fast Forward programme which has specific audit methodology designed to identify potential triggers of modern slavery. All UK Clothing and Home and car wash providers have completed the training. All car wash providers have been audited twice. Our Clothing and Home team have continued to upskill UK suppliers via Fast Forward training sessions in the UK.


Albana Khanna.....2018-10-19 12:43:21 UTC